The first Annual Heine's Ride started  27 Years ago!

You can Register Online or download a form HERE (pdf)


HEINE’S 2018

(Your Ticket to Ride)


Help!!  Beatlemania has struck the Heine Ride.  It’s true.  Yes it is.  Many of you are thinking not a second time as this was done in 2004.  Hidden in the 28th ANNUAL RIDE FOR YOUR HEINE’S announcement are Beatle song titles.  Identify the 47 song titles and I will give free sport bottles to the first five correct answers received after March 1.  I know that it's going to be difficult to follow last year’s act.  Naturally, I was up to the challenge.  For those who are unfamiliar with the ride, here’s what goes on.  The ride will be Saturday, May 12 starting at 2:00 PM. We will leave from Julie’s Java House (across the railroad tracks from the Amtrak Passenger Depot) in Columbus.  The end will occur 23 miles later at Heine’s in Minnesota Junction.  So riders aren't going here, there, and everywhere, detailed route maps/cue sheets will be available at the start of the ride or they can be downloaded from the website (special thanks to Jim Terra)...www.heineride.com   There are two scheduled stops on the ride.  Stop 1 will be at the Charhaus in Beaver Dam and stop 2 will be at the Prairie Tavern in Rolling Prairie.  Do you want to know a secret?  There's a place for you even if you don't ride.  You are most welcome to join us in the post-ride festivities at Heine’s at about 5 PM. 

As in the past, a T-shirt will again be offered this year.  This year's shirt has been designed and now you , too, can have the bold look of Heine’s with a tank($13), short($13) or long($16) sleeve shirt (XXL+$2). Of course the Heine Man will ride the back of any shirt selected.  It will be available soon on the website under “Logos”. Shirts must be ordered and paid for by April 25.  Please return the form along with the appropriate money to Doug Caldwell  P.O. Box 368  Columbus,  WI  53925. Contest winners will be announced at Julie's Java House and will be presented with sport bottles at that time.  Please, please me and return the form even if you don't want apparel so a guest count can be given as a courtesy to Heine’s.  Registration can be done online or the form can be printed out and mailed to Doug.  Doug’s email is dougcaldwell54@gmail.com   Remember that there is no cost for the ride itself. 

We highly suggest the use of helmets, proper riding etiquette(riding single file on the right when cars are present), sun screen, and don't forget to bring a water/sport bottle.  I don't want to spoil the party but please remember that this is an adult ride.  Contact Doug if you would like to volunteer to drive my car as a sag vehicle. 

I know that we are not as young as were yesterday, but with a few pre-Heine rides, your legs won't be in misery.  The more you ride, the more your legs will get back in shape.  Before you know it, you'll be getting better all the time.  As you're flying down the road free as a bird, you might even develop a real love for cycling. It doesn't take riding eight days a week.  The key is to start riding sooner than the night before the Heine Ride.  Don't let anybody tell you “You can't do that”.  I've got a feeling that we’ll see a lot of riders this year.  We're not getting inquiries from across the universe, but we already have commitments from riders from San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, and Milwaukee.  So, don't let me down. Let's hope that a good morning will lead to a good day. Sunshine is always welcome but a little rain never hurt anybody.  Whether you're boys or a girl, I want to tell you that this is one fine ride.  Spread the word and lube up those chains because something tells me that this will be the best ride yet.  This boy can hardly wait.  It won't be long and before anytime at all, it will be Heine Time again. 




Name(s) + email address_____________________________________________________________________

______ I/we will participate in the Heine Bike Ride(We’re/I'm down)

______ I/we can't make it this year(I/we can work it out—NOT;   Taxman issues)

______ You won't see me/us on the ride but will come together at Heine’s

______ I/we will order a T-shirt  ____S ____M ____L ____XL ____XXL. (No reply = no shirt)

Can anyone find the reference to an obscure Beatle fact also included in this announcement?